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White Tern
White Tern  |  Total images: 32
The world's only pure white tern. Widely, though incorrectly, known in Seychelles as Fairy Tern.
Scenery  |  Total images: 81
Scenery and other miscellaneous images from Seychelles
Land birds
Land birds  |  Total images: 55
A selection of land birds found in Seychelles
Sunsets  |  Total images: 25
Sunsets from Seychelles
Tropicbird  |  Total images: 36
Payanke - seabird with distinctive long tail streamers
Other fauna
Other fauna  |  Total images: 75
Some of the tortoises, turtles, bats, geckos, crabs and spiders found in Seychelles
Other seabirds
Other seabirds  |  Total images: 22
Frigatebirds, Boobies and Shearwaters
Sooty Tern
Sooty Tern  |  Total images: 37
The most common seabird in Seychelles
Other terns
Other terns  |  Total images: 44
Crested & Bridled Terns and Brown & Lesser Noddys
Waders & Herons
Waders & Herons  |  Total images: 76
Various waders and Herons seen in Seychelles

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